DMK Packs


At-Home Enzyme


Designed to remove dead cell build-up and detoxify the skin, this unique masque is best applied weekly and combines a powder (Foamy Lift) and a gel (Exoderma Peel), which when mixed, tightens and firms on the skin: assisting to improve blood circulation, leaving you with a fresh, radiant post-treatment glow.

  • Foamy Lift

  • Exoderma Peel

  • Bowl & Brush


With the immune boosting combination of Biogen C and DMK’s signature serum, Beta Gel, this pack is the ultimate skin soother and redness alleviator. Containing the added treatment product, Red Vein Crème , for those who suffer from broken capillaries and severe redness. It’s a treatment and maintenance pack all in one.

  • Bet Gel

  • Biogen C

  • Red Vein Crème

Redness Recovery

Brite Eyes


The Brite Eyes pack consists of DMK’s two signature serums, as well as DMK’s Eye Tone Crème for revising dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines.

  • Beta gel

  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C

  • Eye Tone (Free)

The Pigment Pack


For those who suffer from uneven skin tone, a dull complexion, and areas of pigmentation, this product combination is designed to give you the clear complexion you desire.

  • Melanotech Crème

  • Melanotech Drops

  • Super Bright

The Gift of Great Skin


Whether you’re looking to spoil someone special or you feel like spoiling yourself, this pack has a lot to offer. With a complete regime and the option of alternating two of DMK’s best age management cremes, you can’t beat the gift of good skin.

  • Milk Cleanser

  • Seba E

  • Herb and Mineral Mist

  • Nite Firming

  • Revise-A

Turn Back Time


Containing a spray, serum, oil and two nourishing cremes, the Turn Back Time pack has all bases covered, through offering a comprehensive age management solution to even the most fragile skin.

  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C

  • Seba E

  • Herb and Mineral Mist

  • Biogen C

  • Nite Firming


Containing essential fatty acids, encouraging healthy skin, hair and nails. It is above and beyond the average supplement.  including DMK’s two signature serums, and a cell regulator. The perfect start up and prep pack.

  • Beta Gel

  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C

  • Revitosin

  • EFA

Peel & Reveal

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