We are so excited to welcome our new permanent cosmetic injector, nurse Jasmine. Jasmine is the owner & founder of Coastal Aesthetic Injections. Jasmine is a Registered Nurse with Post-Graduate Qualifications in Advanced Clinical Nursing & Advanced Cosmetic Injecting. Jasmine has over 8 years experience in Emergency Nursing, Rural Remote Health Care, & Cosmetic Nursing. Jasmine owns a clinic in Mount Martha and will service our salon regularly whilst never being too far away. Jasmine works under the direct guidance of her Medical Director in Cosmetic Medicine and specialises in all cosmetic procedures using anti-wrinkle injections & dermal fillers as well as the use of anti-wrinkle injections for medical purposes such as the treatment for migraines, excessive sweating and teeth grinding (TMJ) etc. You can check out her incredible reviews & social media accounts and book online and select a treatment option or a free consultation

Jasmine Leggatt

Jasmine is a senior Registered Cosmetic Nurse Specialist and the founder and director of Coastal Aesthetic Injectables. Jasmine has an overwhelming passion for providing an impeccable service to her clients and helping them to achieve their aesthetic goals. It gives Jasmine great pleasure to be apart of an industry that improves people’s confidence and assists them in being the best version of themselves. Prior to cosmetic injecting, Jasmine worked as an Emergency Specialist Registered Nurse, fulfilling rural and remote contracts around Australia. Jasmine then completed a post graduate certificate in Advanced Cosmetic Injecting and is still able to fulfil her travelling goals by regularly attending clinics in Darwin, NT & Exmouth, WA.

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These wonderful injectable nurses come into the our clinic once a month.
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