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Face Massage

“Cassie is so knowledgeable and cares deeply for her clients, which i love! I came to her specifically because of how she treats her body and her skin, that is a testimonial of that! Every week she is treating my skin with the aim to make it the best she can. She is always there when i need to ask her a question or when i complain that my skin isn't better already (Rome wasn't built in a day right!?) I am very please with my experience with Cassie and the MLAS team, they are all lovely and this is by far the best investment i have ever made. X.”

- Jasmine

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Head Massage

I've been going to MLAS for many years now for my beauty therapy & all the ladies that have and are working there, are wonderful.
You are always made to feel very welcome and part of the MLAS family.
I always walk out of there feeling great!!!

- Jen

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MLAS is the best skin clinic I've ever been to. All of the consultants are knowledgeable and actually care about clients. I see Cassie the most. Cassie knows her stuff. She has transformed my skin from having dark patches from both hormones and sun damage to being bright, clear and young looking. Cassie teaches me as we go, she explains things to me and she advises me honestly about where to next. She has educated me on how to care for my skin daily. I trust Cassie, Vicki and their whole team 100% with my skin. These girls are beautiful, down to earth and have empowered me more than I could ever explain and I could never thank them enough for this.
- Liz

Acupressure Neck Massage
Head Massage

I sought help from the girls at MLAS when mu skin was in crisis. Cassie is a kind, bubbly therapist with extensive knowledge, understanding and passion for what she does and loves. I have has enzyme treatments and they have transformed my skin in ways I cannot explain. I use DMK skincare at home to maintain my results and my skin has never looked better. I highly recommend Cassie, she is amazing

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Man Getting a Facial

WOW you never cease to amaze me with your knowleedge and treatments on offer! Happy Client
MLAS offers expert advice that delivers incredible results.
The products used in the clinic are backed up by science with optimum results
Gratfule to the gorgouse Vicki and her beautiful, dedicated ladies
- Martina

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I've been seeing Selena at MLAS and using DMK for just over a month now and I am so in love with their products and how they make my skin look and feel!!! I struggled with dermatitis and was constantly getting flare-ups and from only one month of using the products and taking the supplements I have seen amazing results. My dermatitis has improved, my skin isn't as red, my hormonal breakouts have reduced and i am constantly getting compliments on how good my skin looks. Selena is an absolute angel and has been so helpful and supportive throughout my skin journey so far. She is so knowledgeable and thorough every time I see her, I could not recommend her enough!
- Gemma


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Vicki and her beautiful team are my second family, I have been receiving treatments for close to 2o years and even my son as a teenager was blessed to have Vicki give him advice and a routine skin program to help with his acne and is still grateful 10 years later. I listen to her advice and I follow her instructions on what is best for my skin and body, Vicki's knowledge is endless and keep herself educated with the laser products and also technology from fat burners to LED lights. I fin that with DMK and the routine Vicki has set me up with is that, as I am getting older, my skin is looking younger and I wouldn't hesitate for a second on recommending MLAS for your skin needs. there is always a happy, smiling team member to make you feel welcome and special form the moment you walk in the door. I love Vicki and her beautiful girls to bits.
- Kim

Facial Massage
Reiki Treatment

being someone who has extremely reactive skin is not an easy time. I have has an absolute skin rollercoaster over the years - perioral dermatitis - quitting Accutane - quitting the pill - hormonal breakouts - eczema
all the stuff at MLAS have been so supportive, patient, educational and are impossible to replace.
I say this with pure confidence that i would never trust anyone else with my skin as everyone in this clinic would go above and beyond for all clients and you will not find that kind of service anywhere else. everyone has good skin days and bad skin days but our skin does not define us, out beauty is only skin deep. Finding a beautiful and caring clinic is very rare and the minuet you walk in you feel at home everyone at this clinic are not just beauticians they are friends and they have your best interest always. I count my lucky stars for moving back to Berwick and fining this clinic.
Absolute angels they all are 
- Bianca

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Facial Mask

I came to see Selena at MLAS because i wanted to improve the overall appearance of my skin and I am so happy with the results!
Selena spent time explaining each product and treatment, which she tailored specifically to my skin's needs. I've seen a massive improvement and its so nice to have people complimenting me on my skin - something I've never had before!
I couldn't recommend MLAS enough.